Inspiring new lifelong learners

Step into the heart of Explosive Minds Learning Center and Childcare! Our exceptional team of educators are not just teachers but dream cultivators. Our faculty is a tapestry of diverse talents and shared passion, dedicated to nurturing young minds with care and creativity. Each educator brings a unique blend of experience to the classroom, fostering an environment where learning is a journey rather than a destination. We take pride in our faculty’s commitment to creating a safe, stimulating, and supportive space for every child to flourish. Get ready to meet the faces that inspire, guide, and shape the future of our little learners.

  1. LaBrittany Harper
    • Administration
  2. Minnie Robertson “Nanny”
    • Nutrition & Infant Teacher
  3. LaShaunda Robertson
    • Program Director
    • Head of “We Play All Day” Creative
    • Lesson Planning
    • Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4 Certified Teacher
  4. Lauryn Robinson
    • Infant/Toddler Teacher
  5. LaDonna McCullough
    • Substitute Caregiver

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